Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

When you want to show someone that you love and care nothing can express your feeling the way a gift does. If it is some special occasion and you are thinking of surprising your loved one with a unique gift that will not only reflect your nice choice but also express that you care for society too opt for eco friendly gift items.

Eco friendly gifts are unique, classy and most importantly perfect to express that you are socially responsible. If you are attending a function at friend’s or loved ones place and thinking of standing apart from the general gift, think about eco friendly gifts.

Pondering over eco friendly gift ideas? Take a look of the following ideas that can help you.


Nothing can be as eco friendly as a part of nature itself. Plant can be the perfect gift in that case. It will be a perfect gift to light up the environment of the room. A potted plant like rosemary or aloe-vera can be perfect to be placed in a room. These plants are low maintenance and can be a perfect accessory for a room. It has the power to glam up the gloom of a room.

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Flip Flop Door Mat

Flip flop material is a recycled material itself. It is often used as the door mat. They are soft, eco friendly and an amazing colourful accessory that can help you to accessorize your home décor. It can be a perfect gift for a house warming party.

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Jute Bags

When you are thinking about gifting your loved one on their special days choose jute bags. Trendy, stylish and fun, these bags are the must have accessories these days. Be it a girl’s day out or a beach outing, jute bags can be your best friends. Jute bag manufacturers in India are coming up with personalized item too. Gift your loved one with it and express that you have put quite a lot of thought on it.

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Use these ideas when you are gifting someone and convey that you care for them and for the environment too.

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