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I am quite satisfied with what Jutelam offers us with. The beautiful collection of designer hand bags that are manufactured using bio-degradable jute fibers attracts me the most and enables me to keep on purchasing from them. – Deepanjan Sanyal

Quality designs and prices all are absolutely best at Jutelam. I liked the intricate designs of the jute wine bag that my husband has recently purchased from their online portal. Keep up the good work guys. – Moupriya Roy


Company Profile

about_imgWe are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Custom Designed Bags for advertising, promotion and marketing, providing superior value to our customers in meeting their packaging requirement. We offer a varied range of Jute, Non-Woven Fabric and Casual Fabric Bagsin classic and contemporary style. We strive to give you the latest and most innovative designs at a cost that gives you maximum economical value. Quality is a very vital aspect in the manufacturing process. We maintain the highest standards of quality in stitching, designing and printing to provide you a very desirable product. We also know that packaging needs require more than just durability; the package is hence there to sell what’s inside. We work diligently to give you the most appropriate package for your product. Our clientele includes major garment showrooms and leading jewellery brands.




We ensure timely delivery of the best quality product at the most economical price. After all, time is money. Everyone today wants a product or service with high quality at the most reasonable price. Rising inflation over the years may be a possible reason behind this combo. We provide our products to customers exactly with this idea. The materials are checked at every level of production by the expert. It’s checked minutely as we believe in Zero Tolerance towards any compromise. The expert also oversees the whole manufacturing process. Supervision is required at every stage to avoid any possible mistake. The manufacturing process has been divided into several stages. It’s a decentralized manufacturing approach. A product can qualify from one stage of preparation to the next only when it fulfills the criteria of the stage. Minute level scanning of a product during its manufacturing minimizes errors in the finishing of our products to almost nil.




We have our own work force. Having our own work force guarantees a sense of indigenous qualities which an In-House Man power can provide. We believe that apart from sleek machinery, even high quality work force is very crucial for manufacturing our products. Skilled hands added to skilled machinery will result in high quality end products. After all, the finishing of the products is also very important which the customer will ultimately take note of. The work force is highly dedicated and skilled. We are really lucky to have a dedicated work force as work is worship so the end result is got to be at par with the expectations. The entire facility is present under one roof. A unified workplace which consists of the factory, store houses, inventory rooms and the site office surely is a convenient option.

Jute Bags : The Futuristic Attempt to Blend Fashion with Responsibity.