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Non Woven Bags – Perfect for Promotion and Gift

Non woven bags are similar with fabric when you touch them. They are strong woven fiber. They are replacing the plastic and helping the environmentalists to make the earth greener.

Consumers are becoming conscious about the environment more and more. The research says that the plastic bags cause severe damage to our mother earth. The manufacturing process of plastic bags increases the waste of natural resources. It is also non biodegradable. As a result, it affects the environment, soil and also obstructs drainage.

To find a perfect and more useful substitute, researchers have invented the non woven material. They are quite similar to fabric in look and feel. They are actually strong fiber, woven with chemicals.

These non woven bags are undoubtedly more useful than their plastic counterparts. When plastic bags can be used for one time, these bags can be used for hundred times. They are more strong and capable to carry the heavy load, like vegetable or books.

These bags can be perfect item for promotional purposes. Since the consumers have become more environment conscious, they prefer the brands that are taking environment seriously. When you are presenting your delegates at some seminar with some non woven bags, they will get the message that you think about environment and like to show that to spread the awareness in others too. When you gift someone, it will tell them that you care. It will work on your advantage.

If your customers are coming to your store to purchase, replace the plastic or paper carry bags with these non woven bags with the monogram of your store. It will not only help your customers as they will get a good bag to carry things but also promote your store to. When people will see your store’s name on the bag, it will help you in promotion as well.

Confused when you can’t decide what to gift to your younger sister or your daughter on their birthdays? Gift them a screen printing non woven bag to carry their books, accessories and essentials in it.
The demand of screen printing non woven bags in New York is increasing. As a result the stores are coming up with new trendy designs.

What are the different styles of promotional bags?

Jutelam Fiber Bags

Promotional bags are a must for corporate houses and organizations. To meet the various requirements of different customers, bag manufacturers design a variety of promotional bags. Especially in a city like New York, you will come across several styles of promotional bags, to be more specific, promotional tote bags.

The style of the bag you choose depend a lot on the audience whom you will be giving away the bag and how they will be using it.

The different types of promotional tote bags are:

Grocery Style- This type of bag generally has shorter handles and wider depth to accommodate larger grocery items.

Flat or Gusseted- This is the typical trade show or conference bag. Though many people do use them at the grocery store, they have limited capacity.

Shopper Totes- Like the grocery style tote bags, but much wider, these bags have longer handles. You can sling it over your shoulder. The bag may not have a bottom board. The most important point is that they can have the ability to contain large items. These bags are perfect for retail and trade shows.

Drawstring Backpack- These bags can be carried by their drawstrings or worn on the back like a backpack. Some styles feature additional handles for easy carrying.

Messenger Bags -These bags feature a long strap for wearing across the body, with a large compartment which is covered by a flap. These bags are ideally used for colleges and conferences.

Apart from these bags, there is also a rising popularity of screen printed non woven bags in New York. Several corporate houses are opting for these bags for their brand promotion.  These bags have also gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature.

Have a clean environment with screen printing non-woven bags

Using of plastic bags and other materials are banned in almost every corner of the world as they are the major components and the only reason of environmental pollution. Due to this pollution bag manufacturer having a conscience of making eco-friendly bags are showing their efforts and giving labour on making jute, cotton and screen printing non-woven bags. A number of consumers as well as many industries worldwide are consuming this high feature option today.


In a society like New York is motivated by consumerism, so there is an urgent need to host green products to replace products like plastic that are harmful in order to make a clean environment. Reusable, recyclable and bio-degradable woven bags are popular but its non-woven counterpart is more craved because it accepts by almost all the recycling facilities. These non-woven bags are made by screen printing and their production rate is higher than other eco-friendly products. These bags are stylish, fashionable, trendy, and popular and therefore are also very preferable product in New York. These bags are used for shopping and other innumerable purposes. They are also the best option to present a gift or even can be carried in any party. The screen printing non-woven bags manufacturers in New York make their products more catchy and attractive to their customers keeping in mind the fashion meter of that place. One could have a choice to have the screen printing on the bags as per their own needs and choices. These bags hold on a great responsibility to make the environment more friendly, clean and green.