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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

The gift is always the best gesture to show that you love and care. The best thing you can gift to someone is something that will show that you not only love them but you care for the environment too. Take a look of the blog to know more about the eco-friendly gift ideas.

The gesture of gifting is the loveliest of them all. It is the best way to express that you love and care. In this era people are becoming all the more conscious about the negative effects of plastic products on nature. Now people prefer everything that is eco-friendly. In fact, the brands who give priority to nature and environment are now more popular than others.
DSC_9067When it comes to gift someone we often end up being confused about what we should gift. Be it the birthday of your loved one or the house warming ceremony you always end up spending hours in pondering over the thought of what you should buy. If you have been in such a situation or are, you are at the right place. Take a look of the ideas and incorporate them when you are going to gift.

Plant :-

Nothing can be as environment-friendly as a potted plant. A little piece of greenery is perfect to make the environment of the whole room brighter and happier. A small plant of rosemary or aloe vera is perfect since it requires very little maintenance and stays healthy for quite a long time.

Flip Flop Door Mats:-

Made of recycled material flip-flop mats can be amazing dirt wiper that can be an eco friendly gift for a house warming. They come in amazing colours too. Since it is recycled it is extremely environment-friendly as well.

Personalised Eco-Friendly Bags:-

Personalised gifts are always special. They convey that the person who gifted this have put thoughts while buying it. When gifting someone we often think about gifting something that is useful. Tote bags are always useful. They are spacious and trendy. If they are made of jute or non-woven material they are environment-friendly too. With screen printing, you can make them personalised too. The demand of screen printing non-woven bags in India is increasing in all the countries overseas too. Write a special message and make the significant one of your remember the moments.

Show your love through gifts and let your choice do the talking.

Gift of Love – Surprise Loved Ones with Thoughtful Eco Friendly Gifts

Gifting is not just about giving something to someone. It involves love and thought as well. You need to put some thought while buying the gift for your loved one. You should also think about the environment too. Take a look of the blog to know more about eco-friendly gifts.

The gesture of gifting is the manifestation of love and care. It makes your loved one feel that they matter for you. If you are thinking about gifting them, think about eco-friendly gifts.

The pondering over the thought of gifts is over now. Eco-friendly gifts are here to solve your worries. They have a plus point too. They help to decrease the carbon foot print as well. That is why the environmentalists all over the world are encouraging everyone to use eco-friendly products. In fact, people prefer the brands that are taking the environment seriously. Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas for you. Take a look.
Plant :-

What can be more eco-friendly than a piece of greenery itself? Potted plant can be the best house warming gift. Rosemary or aloe vera plant is perfect to brighten up the environment of the whole room. They need low maintenance and perfect to make your home a lovely place.

Flip Flop Door Mat:-

While going to a house warming ceremony, how about adding some colour to it? Gift a flip flop door mat. The material is recycled and perfect to wipe the dirt of the floor. It is available in various colours.

Solar Powered Gadget:-

Today for the gadget freak generation, the solar powered gadgets are a perfect gift. The solar powered chargers and iPads are perfect to jazz up the party of any tech savvy person.

Jute Tote Bag:-

Tote bags are amazing things as they are stylish and spacious. Perfect to carry around the world inside it, these bags are becoming quite popular amongst gen-y. The best part of it is you can personalise it. That is why the demand of screen printing non-woven bags from India is increasing in all over the world. The designers and the jute bags manufacturers from India are coming up with amazing designs and cuts of tote bags.

Gift your loved ones with eco-friendly gifts and show that you care, not only for them but for the environment too.

Printed non woven bags having multiple uses

The versatility of non woven bags :-

Non woven bags from India have made a major mark in the global market. These bags, made of synthetic material, is also eco-friendly and stronger than many other materials being used in place of poly bags or other non eco-friendly bags all over the world. The versatility in terms of use of the non woven bags make these one of the most favorite all over the world for various purpose, be it shopping or carrying a few things around. These light weight bags can be easily folded into a small size and carried around any time anywhere.


Various types and uses of non woven bags :-
These non woven bags are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Many printed non woven bags are also available which are generally provided at various stores and are also being sold at the roadside stalls currently. These printed non woven bags have actually given rise to a brand new marketing strategy which many major companies are successfully implementing.

The printed bags are generally given out to customers at various outlets which bear the logo of the company along with its tag line. This works as a mobile branded board creating awareness about the company’s brand wherever the person takes the bag along with.

Printed non woven bags as mobile Ad campaign :-
If you have been planning on using such a marketing strategy for your own cause or firm, you can easily save a major amount by screen printing non woven bags from India. India has a huge market of non woven bags manufacturer who also have the machines to do the screen printing work.

The exceptionally low price as compared to the global market has led to many major international companies going for the option of screen printing non woven bags from India with their company logo and other messages they wish to print. New York is also starting to become a major market for non woven bags manufacturing.

Digital printing non woven bags in New York is a major new industry. There are many American companies which are opting to go with the option of digital printing non woven bags in New York and save of the logistics cost.

Eco- Friendly Gift Ideas for All Season and Festivals

Gifting is the best gesture to show that you care. But what are you gifting must be a time consuming decision to make. Take a look of the blog to know more about the unconventional eco-friendly gifting ideas.


Have you got any invitation lately at some friend’s place? You must be pondering over the thought about what you should gift them. Gifting is the loveliest gesture to show that you love and care. But when your mind gets baffled about thinking what you should buy you need to spend hours for it. When we gift someone we always end up thinking what we like. But what if you think of the environment too? It will show that you are just not the attentive friend but also a socially responsible person too.

To get some idea take a look at the suggestion that I am going to share with you.
Cotton Gift Wrap :-
We have had enough of the glossy paper gift wrap. Make a little difference. Gift your loved one something with a fabric gift wrap. Fabric is obviously an eco friendly material and it is reusable too. It can be used for several times as well. In fact you can use some unused fabric like your old pillow cover or trey cloth as the gift wrapper. Just a little bit gloss and glitz and it will be a great eye catching gift wrapper to surprise your friend. This tradition of fabric gift wrapper has come from Japan and now it is quickly becoming the trend all over the world.

Flip Flop Door Mat :-
Flip flop material itself is recycled. When it comes in various colours it adds glamour to your home décor. When you are headed to the home warming ceremony of your friend you can easily surprise her with a door mat made of flip flop material. The plus point is the material is perfect to wipe the dirt. Moreover it comes in various shapes and steeped in amazing colours.

Personalised Jute Bag :-
Personalised gifts are the best thing that one can get in any occasions. It also makes your loved one believe that you have put a lot of thoughts on it. Jute and non woven tote bags are amazingly useful gifts. You can personalise them with screen printing too. The demand of screen printing non-woven bags from India is quite high in overseas. It can sport a tagline or a special statement that will do the trick.

Gift your loved ones and show that you care too.

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Get your printed non woven bag today

The non woven bag breaking new grounds :-
Various printed and designed bags are quite a common scene now-a-days. Among the various types of such bags available in the market, the most popular currently are the non woven bags. The non woven bags have many properties which make it much superior to its counterparts being prepared from other materials.

DSC_9068The most important feature of any non woven bag is that they are eco-friendly. When the world is much concerned about the harmful effects of various non bio degradable wastes polluting the ecosystem, these non woven bags are the perfect alternative. These bags are made of synthetic bio-degradable materials and have the look of any fabric bags. The synthetic material makes these bags strong, sturdy as well as water resistant, something the paper bags can never be.

The printed non woven bags becoming next in-thing :-
A variety of non woven bags are available in the market. There are a number of manufacturers who are producing and marketing exclusively designed non woven bags mage in various shapes and sizes and for all purposes. These bags have also marked an impression on the various business firms who have fast developed a brand new strategy to capitalize on this great opportunity.

A non woven bag, being bio-degradable, promotion of its use and using it on various official purposes gives a natural boost to the image of the company. Printed non woven bags are a great way to promote the brand of any organization while utilizing it as the perfect complimentary gift for the invited to any corporate gathering. Screen printing non woven bags from India is a highly affordable option and the business organizations can invest a meagre amount while harvesting a huge benefit.

Indian manufacturers lead in the non woven bags production and printing :-
Many manufacturers in India are making their non woven bags available both for the common people as well as the corporate to be used as container for gift or complimentary items, press kit during press meet, etc. Since screen printing non woven bags from India has become highly popular due to the competitive rates offered in the country, orders are flowing in from all across the world. From a consumer’s point of view using non woven bags in all aspects of life is a small step taken towards making the earth greener and cleaner.

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Non-woven bags are the new green marketing tool

Non-woven bags are the new green tool :-

While shopping, or simply taking a walk you must have noticed people carrying bags in various shapes and sizes sporting the logo of one or another company along with their message. If you are a businessman, the strategy must have impressed you. How easily these companies are making their brand visible to a wide array of potential customers.

Non-woven bags – Jutelam Marketing Corporation

DSC_9091Now even you can take a leaf out of the book and use similar technique to market your brand. Today, there is a global trend of shifting towards a greener society, though the wave is yet to make much impact in the Indian market. This will be the perfect time to stand out in the crowd and use non-woven bags for the purpose. Screen printing non woven bags from India does not cost a fortune, and if you are making a bulk order you can get the deal at exceptionally low price.

Why non-woven bags are the best eco-friendly material available :-

Non-woven bags are made out of non-woven spun bond polypropylene (PP) cloth which are much more eco-friendly given 100% recyclability as well as the property of being decomposable and can even be burnt without leaving harmful air contaminants. Since these do not use PVC coating or water in their manufacturing process, they can even be termed more eco-friendly than paper bags, which uses a lot of water in the manufacturing process. Also these bags are much sturdier than their paper counterparts.

Choose the correct bag :-

The bags come in a variety of colours. When you are getting screen printing non woven bags from India you can choose the colour based on your company logo. Suppose your logo is red coloured. The best colour for the bag to sport your logo will be either white or yellow or black. Also the size of the bag needs to be taken into consideration. A grocery store requires large bag, but a games store needs bags of all sizes, while a book store can go with a medium sized bag.

Get your silk printing non-woven bag from India :-

If you are based in any country other than India, you can also import screen printing non woven bags from India. The bags are fairly popular on a global scale and importing screen printing non woven bags from India can save a lot of money while being eco-friendly.