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Canvas bags for your everyday use

Canvas bags are strong and light weight. Now,  with the variety or designer and colored canvas bags they are becoming one of the hot favorite accessories for people of every age group.

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4-162x248Versatile canvas bags are the new favorite :-

Canvas tote bags have become one of the most popular accessories for a wide range of occasions. The light weight durable bags serve as the perfect option to carry a number of essentials. Be it picnic or a day at the beach or simply shopping at the local flea market or college / university class, these casual bags have enough space for all purpose and are easy to carry around. Moreover, these bags come in a wide array of colors and designs. One can find a number of casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in Los Angeles.

Various types of canvas bags :-

The canvas bags come in a wide range of designs. You can check out the following types of tote bags at the casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in Los Angeles

Side Sling Bags : – These are one of the most popular unisex options available in the complete range of canvas tote bags. Ease of use along with a little style has made this highly popular among the youngsters. There are also sling bags which are essentially made keeping in mind the female choices as well as the male choices. A wide array of colors and graphic designs can be found in any university / college campus.

Messenger Bags : – Highly popular for the ease of use by shoppers. The messenger bags have enough space to hold a number of items and the strong and durable bags are also easy to carry. The casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in Los Angeles have also marketed a great variety designer messenger bags to suit the taste of every type of buyers.

Back packs : – While not too high on the fashion scale, the back packs still remains one of the most practical choice for a large number of users. One can quite easily get denim colored bags from the casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in Los Angeles which are definitely much more popular among the college and school students.

Canvas bags as marketing tool :-

These canvas bags are also becoming one of the best marketing tools. One can place order for bags carrying the company logo and message with the casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in Los Angeles at very reasonable rate and use them as branding tool.


Non-woven bags are the new green marketing tool

Non-woven bags are the new green tool :-

While shopping, or simply taking a walk you must have noticed people carrying bags in various shapes and sizes sporting the logo of one or another company along with their message. If you are a businessman, the strategy must have impressed you. How easily these companies are making their brand visible to a wide array of potential customers.

Non-woven bags – Jutelam Marketing Corporation

DSC_9091Now even you can take a leaf out of the book and use similar technique to market your brand. Today, there is a global trend of shifting towards a greener society, though the wave is yet to make much impact in the Indian market. This will be the perfect time to stand out in the crowd and use non-woven bags for the purpose. Screen printing non woven bags from India does not cost a fortune, and if you are making a bulk order you can get the deal at exceptionally low price.

Why non-woven bags are the best eco-friendly material available :-

Non-woven bags are made out of non-woven spun bond polypropylene (PP) cloth which are much more eco-friendly given 100% recyclability as well as the property of being decomposable and can even be burnt without leaving harmful air contaminants. Since these do not use PVC coating or water in their manufacturing process, they can even be termed more eco-friendly than paper bags, which uses a lot of water in the manufacturing process. Also these bags are much sturdier than their paper counterparts.

Choose the correct bag :-

The bags come in a variety of colours. When you are getting screen printing non woven bags from India you can choose the colour based on your company logo. Suppose your logo is red coloured. The best colour for the bag to sport your logo will be either white or yellow or black. Also the size of the bag needs to be taken into consideration. A grocery store requires large bag, but a games store needs bags of all sizes, while a book store can go with a medium sized bag.

Get your silk printing non-woven bag from India :-

If you are based in any country other than India, you can also import screen printing non woven bags from India. The bags are fairly popular on a global scale and importing screen printing non woven bags from India can save a lot of money while being eco-friendly.

Jute Bags – the Best Alternative that will Shape the World

The fact that plastic is extremely harmful is quite well known now. It is non bio degradable. It stays in the environment for a long time and keeps affecting the environment and the mother earth. It obstructs the drainage and affects the land and indirectly farming. Plastic is not recyclable and reusable. You have to throw it away after every use. It is completely a waste since manufacturing of plastic bags causes a huge loss of natural resources.
The environmentalists around the world have been looking for an alternative of the plastic that will be safe to use. It will be eco friendly in the first place. They have come up with the alternative fabric like jute that is eco friendly. It is a silk like material that becomes sturdy with the use of chemical. It is extremely durable and can carry heavy load. The best part of jute bags is it is reusable for hundred times. You can wash and use it for several times. Plastic cannot be used for such long time. Jute bag manufacturers in the USA or around the world are coming up with various designs and patterns of such jute bags.

Jute bags can be an amazing promotional item. When your customers are leaving your store with a jute bag that is flaunting the logo of your store on it, it will be extremely helpful for your promotion. People prefer the brands which are giving nature a serious thought. It is obvious that with the choice of bag you will win their heart.

When delegates are visiting your seminar or conference, if they get a gift of jute tote bag it will make them extremely happy. It will also impress them as you are giving them a piece of nature. Your choice of natural fibre will convey the message that you are socially responsible. You give nature a serious thought.

Now jute bags are also trendy. Designers are using various happy patterns and nice colours that are making the bags trendy and stylish. You can carry it around in during any day out with friends. You can carry your world in them.


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Jute bag manufacturers creating havoc jute products

Using jute bags has their own advantages. They are known to be the Eco friendly and helps in providing support to a greener plant. Jute bags are cheap as well in comparison to any plastic bags. People are now well aware of the uses of jute bag and thus prefer jute bags rather than plastic bags. There are many jute bag manufacturers from India who sends or exports jute related products and items abroad to countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia.

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Jute bag manufacturers from India are making a lot of profits by selling or exporting jute and jute products outside India. The demand for jute manufacturers from India has quadrupled in the past few years. The jute industry is currently going through turbulent times. If you are looking for long term solutions, you must know the jute industry well. They provide direct employment to many workers, including at least 4 million workers and their families approximately.

The jute industry has been going through a roller coaster ride currently. There is a huge jute industry in Bengal and surrounding areas. Jute mills help in providing the best jute related products for their customers. Jute bag manufacturers are not only in West Bengal, but its neighboring states like Orissa and Bihar. But West Bengal remains the major center for jute and jute products. Jute products are popular among various stores and are also provides consumer products, manufacturers and distributors.

There is a surplus jute manufacturing and the production house in India. All the jute that you see, comes from the state of West Bengal. Jute bag manufacturers make various forms of jute related products like the jute shopping bag, jute promotional bag, jute wine bottle bags and jute fashion bags.


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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas – Impress them with Lovely Gesture

When you get the invitation at your friend’s place for home warming ceremony or invited in the birthday party of your cousins, often you end up in a confusing situation. The main confusion is with the gift items. You often spend a countless solitary evening pondering over the idea what will be the best gift for your loved ones that will be thoughtful, useful and impressive too.

If you want some ideas that will help you to gift then you are at the right place. Take a look of the ideas and use them while gifting the loved ones.
Fabric Gift Wrap:-

In Japan, fabric gift material is in vogue. They call it “Furoshiki” and it has become an art of lifestyle. The fabric is easily available, recyclable and the material is eco-friendly. Find out the festive pillow case, sheets or designer table cloths or drapes that you have never used. You can tie them up with ribbon or pin them.

Clay Flower Pot:-

It is useful, it is earthy and it is eco-friendly. You can personalise the pots with a marker by conveying some special messages. Pack up it with a beautiful wrapper and bring the edges up and tie up with ribbons.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags:-

Tote bags are spacious. Now as the awareness is spreading that plastic is extremely harmful for the environment, people prefer more eco-friendly materials like jute, cotton or non-woven bags. Tote bags are now trendy as they sport nice prints, patterns. You can personalise them with screen printed designs, messages and cartoons. The demand of screen printing non-woven bags in India and in many other countries is increasing immensely.

When you will gift the significant one with these gifts they will not only appreciate your gesture but also will like the fact that you prefer to gift something eco-friendly, thus showing your social responsibility.

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The effectiveness of jute bags as promotional items

The jute manufacturers in USA, UK, India, Australia and several other countries in the world are taking the prime role in enhancing the popularity of the universal accessories made of eco friendly fibres. The global cause of saving the planet from the harmful pollutants happens to be another significant element adding momentum to the concept.
DSC_0070-copyThe jute bags are great options as giveaway gifts by the reputed companies across the world. They have gained great utility as promotional products. They just don’t help immensely in building up the bond with the customers but also offers the clients a reason to appreciate the sense of value put forth by the business. The jute bags manufacturers in USA, India, UK and other countries are taking great initiative in offering the most innovative range of promotional jute bags in order to help the different companies take their brand value to greater horizons.

The bags are made of eco friendly fibres, jute being the major one. The fibre is strong, durable, sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Alongside, the affordability of the fibre is another lucrative option that attracts the companies to select the items made of the fibres as effective promotional means.

The jute bags are specially designed by the jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK, India, and other countries in a way that they can be personalised well according to the requirements of the client. Thus, the companies can enjoy the pleasure of putting their logo on the bags and even screen print them with all the necessary details about the products and services offered.  Apart from that they can even put relevant images and catchy taglines to increase the attraction quotient of the item. The more attractive will be the presentation more effective will be the promotional outcome.

As the bags are quite easy on the budget so now even the small scale enterprises have come forward to include the promotional bags in their advertisement campaigns. It can be well said that the bags indeed act as better options than the pricey advertisement campaigns. They indeed stand out to be a successful option in reaching out the maximum number of potential customers.

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Jute Bags – the Alternative that You should Opt For

Jute bags are now in. They are not just fashionable but they are eco friendly too. Jute bags are next alternative that you should choose instead of plastic.

The knowledge that plastic is harmful to our environment is quite well known today. The environmentalists around the world are encouraging the use of jute bags. Plastic causes an immense harm to our nature. In the time of manufacturing plastic bags, it consumes a lot of energy. On the other hand, jute manufacturing does not cause that much loss of energy. Plastic is non bio degradable that will stay in the environment for ages. Jute is bio degradable. It is also reusable. You always throw out the plastic after every single use. You can use jute made bags and furnishings for hundred times. They are recyclable too.
Jute is a silk like material that becomes sturdy and durable material after chemicals are used on it. Jute is also becoming the vast canvas of experimenting of the designers. They are experimenting with different colours and patterns on jute. The new and happy prints are making jute bags all the more attractive and fun. Now they are becoming more attractive for the young girls as well. They are super fun to carry as they are spacious and colourful.

Screen printing is also making these bags a statement. The cartoons, funny tag lines, slogans are perfect to flaunt for any teenager. Because of these designs and motifs the bags are becoming trendy and perfect item to gift some loved one. Jute bags manufacturers in the USA are coming up with new designs of such bags every day. Undoubtedly they are becoming popular to everyone.

Jute bags can be personalised give away items too. When delegates are visiting a seminar or conference if they get a personalised gift, a jute bag can be a perfect choice. Even when a customer is leaving your store with the goods carrying in a jute bag that flaunts your logo then it can be a perfect endorsement item too. You are not only gifting them a piece of nature but also they are becoming aware of your own sense of social responsibility too.

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The Screen Printed Bags form a Rare Class in Themselves

There are the major Indian manufacturers to help in creating screen printing non woven bags from India and all of them bear superior quality. The clients have widely appreciated the class of products and more and more people are going for the style. You can call these the printed or the customized bag varieties and these are perfect products to meet the necessity of the valued customers. Thus, you have to select based on the requirements and preferences you have.


The Exemplary Non Woven Bags in Demand :-

The screen printed bags are manufactured with logos and they even come with company monograms. The purposive designs make the bag appear so special. The carry bags are all well designed and they are in perfect demand by the clients. Orders are placed from all corners of the country and this is the reason the stuffs are produced at random. You would appreciate the bags for the presentation and the creative designing. The bags are made to look so attractive with the texts and the intended designs.

The Fabricating Details :-

At times the clients provide with the logos or the texts specifically to be used on the bags. This makes the stuff company specific. The bags are better fabricated with the premium quality raw components. This is the reason the prints are sure to last for long even if you are using the bag on regular basis. The bags are available in all variable sizes and things are executed in the way that one is sure to love the shape, size and design of the stuffs in offer. In fact, you can have a look at the assortments and then make a selection based on the sort of requirement you have.

You even have the other popular stuffs like the Laminated Non Woven Bags, The D Cut Non Woven Bags, the W Cut Non Woven Bags, the Loop Non Woven Bags, the Offset Printing Non Woven Bags, and you even have the Photo Printing and the Flex Printing varieties.

Jute bags and jute products for customers

Jute industry in India is known to be passing through a hard phase. Businesses are looking for a  long term and permenant solution. Jute sectors have a special place in our economy as it is direct employment to many workers. They also support 4 million families. According to statistics, jute exports yield us a total of 1000 crore every year. The government is well aware of the situation and are taking long strides to improve the jute sector in India. The jute industry has experienced many ups and downs recently, but has been doing good recently. With the rise in jute exports all across the world, the numbers are growing.


Jute bags are never out of fashion. Jute is of a very high quality and are used to create a natural appeal. New techniques have been appointed to produce the best. There is no compromise with quality. Jute is rough in nature and have a unique appeal to itself. With newer techniques,  jute fabric is involved thorough hessian and burlap. They never have an effect on their print colors and changing weather. The fabric remains the same. They are used for making bags, good for fashion too, and textile furnishing.

Jute bag manufacturers in the USA remain dependent on jute fabric. The demand is quite high, as they are imported from various jute production countries like India. you can make a lot of items with the jute, but various types of jute bags include:-

  • Shopping bags
  • Tote bags
  • Pouches
  • Promotional bags
  • Evening bags

Jute is delivered in high quantity and sent through various channels to jute bag suppliers and distributors. They use jute in large quantity to produce jute bags and sell them to customers. This same process is applied for each of every jute bag that are produced. Some of the well known jute bag manufacturers in India are :-

  • Aaltex Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Aarbur Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Sunil Enterprises
  • Jutee Paribar

There are some international jute bag manufacturers including the following:-
Pouch mart, USA
Ulline, USA
Go Jute, UK
Avani creations, Canada


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Jute Tote Bags – a Multipurpose Accessory

Jute bags are now quite popular amongst people these days. They are eco friendly. On the other hand they are eco friendly and durable.

Jute is a symbol of ethnicity and tradition. It is a natural fibre. It is like silk. However, it becomes sturdy when chemical is applied on it. It is durable as well. Jute is much preferred by the environmentalists of the entire world around. How plastic is affecting our environment and the earth is quite well known now. Plastic is non bio degradable. As a result it does not get destroyed. It stays in environment and affects our soil and drainage system.


On the other hand jute can be extremely eco friendly. It is bio degradable. When it cannot be used anymore, it can be easily destroyed. It is reusable for hundred times. It can carry the load of heavy items too. Jute bags and furnishings are recyclable.

The demand of jute tote bags are increasing with every passing day. It is becoming popular amongst girls as they are design friendly. The jute industry in India has experienced quite a downfall once. Plastic had been ruler amongst consumers for a longer period. But with the growing awareness of how harmful plastic is,  the demand of jute is reaching its crescendo again. In fact it is becoming quite popular not only in India but overseas as well. The consumers around the world, especially in the USA prefer to use jute. The jute bags manufacturers in the USA are making it more popular with new designs and trends.

Jute tote bags are stylish and trendy. They are spacious. You can carry them around when you are headed to college or even strolling around in the beach. Tote bags are available now in every style. You can sport your casual style through an easy breezy print or pattern. You can also make your tote bag a statement piece by sporting a cartoon or a tag line you believe in.

These tote bags are amazing gift items as well. May be you are a confused father who cannot decide what gift he would like to gift his teenage daughter. Or you must be a college goer boyfriend who cannot afford the branded accessories for their girlfriend. You can gift them with a jute tote bag. It will be trendy. It will be inexpensive too.

The jute bag manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and styles in tote bags. Choose your style and flaunt with confidence.