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How Jute Bags are becoming the Latest Style Statement?

Jute bags are quickly replacing plastic bags in the world. Now everyone is quite aware of the fact that plastic is causing harm to our earth and environment. Jute bags are also becoming style statement. To know why jute is becoming so popular, take a look of the blog.

DSC_9463Plastic is becoming less popular with every passing day. It is not anymore a secret that it is causing harm to our environment. Plastic is non bio degradable. It stays in environment for a long time. It also obstructs drainage and thus affects soil and farming too. Plastic cannot be reused and recycled too.

As plastic is quite harmful, environmentalists are looking for an alternative since years. As a result they have come up with the alternative fabric, jute. Jute is the symbol of tradition of India. It is becoming extremely popular in the whole world now. India, the rich farming land is quite known to be the perfect soil for jute. It has once experienced downfall as plastic had invaded the market. But as the awareness is spreading that the material itself is quite harmful, people again prefer to use jute instead of plastic. Jute bags manufacturers in the USA are providing their customers with amazing collections of jute bags that are mind blowing.

Jute is recyclable and reusable. It can be used for hundred times whereas the plastic counterparts can be used only for once. It can be recycled too. Jute can also be used as recycled material too.

Jute bags can be an amazing style statement too. Jute tote bags and shopping bags are perfect to jazz up the whole appearance. Tote bags are spacious. It becomes trendier when it gets the touch of colour. Jute is extremely stylish and elegant material as it gives an ethnic touch to your accessories. Jute tote bags become more stylish when they are personalised. You can add cartoons or tag lines to surprise your loved ones and to sport your fun persona too. Customized jute bags suppliers from India is coming up with various designs to impress you.

Jute bags can be super gift item too.  When people are attending your seminar and conference, people will become happy to get a personalised item as a giveaway gift.
Using and gifting jute bags will not only show that you care and love the people. It will also show that you are socially responsible too.

Get custom designed jute bag anywhere in the world

The Indian artwork going global :-
Indian artwork has been a matter of appreciation all over the world. The embroidery and other creative works on various fabrics are exceptionally beautiful. The jute work and designs associated with it has been among some of the most admired works from India. If you have visited India in past few years you must have come across some finely crafted bags which the men and women of the cities have been using for various purposes. Most of these are designer jute bags, which have made its way into the lives of thousands of Indians.


Revolution of jute bags :-
The jute bags are not only beautiful, but also a greener alternative to poly bags as well as paper bags. Jute bags a number of benefits over many other bags available in the market. These are strong, sturdy and highly versatile. These also come in the waterproof variety which gives an extra edge over others. Designer jute bags are available all across India. The designer jute bags come in different colours and also sport fabric artworks, embroidered artworks, printed artworks and many more.

Get your jute bag custom designed :-
Custom designed jute bags have found its popularity after the introduction of affordable jute bag printing machines which let many jute bag manufacturers to easily set up a bag printing section within their factory and add to the services being provided to the customers. Today custom designed jute bags are being manufactured all over the world. One can even get custom designed jute bags in New York and other major cities all over the world. These jute bags manufacturers in USA and other countries offer their clients to prepare get jute bags printed with their own designs, or add names along with the available designs to make it a personalised gift.

The various corporate houses have seized the opportunity as well and are using the jute bags as a marketing tool. Green movement has gained huge importance in cities of developed countries. The jute bags manufacturers in USA have witnessed huge growth in demand for custom designed jute bags in New York with company logo, message and designs which are to be used by the various companies to boost up their image as a supporter of greener earth and also market their brand in the process.

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Jute Bags – the Best Alternative that will Shape the World

The fact that plastic is extremely harmful is quite well known now. It is non bio degradable. It stays in the environment for a long time and keeps affecting the environment and the mother earth. It obstructs the drainage and affects the land and indirectly farming. Plastic is not recyclable and reusable. You have to throw it away after every use. It is completely a waste since manufacturing of plastic bags causes a huge loss of natural resources.
The environmentalists around the world have been looking for an alternative of the plastic that will be safe to use. It will be eco friendly in the first place. They have come up with the alternative fabric like jute that is eco friendly. It is a silk like material that becomes sturdy with the use of chemical. It is extremely durable and can carry heavy load. The best part of jute bags is it is reusable for hundred times. You can wash and use it for several times. Plastic cannot be used for such long time. Jute bag manufacturers in the USA or around the world are coming up with various designs and patterns of such jute bags.

Jute bags can be an amazing promotional item. When your customers are leaving your store with a jute bag that is flaunting the logo of your store on it, it will be extremely helpful for your promotion. People prefer the brands which are giving nature a serious thought. It is obvious that with the choice of bag you will win their heart.

When delegates are visiting your seminar or conference, if they get a gift of jute tote bag it will make them extremely happy. It will also impress them as you are giving them a piece of nature. Your choice of natural fibre will convey the message that you are socially responsible. You give nature a serious thought.

Now jute bags are also trendy. Designers are using various happy patterns and nice colours that are making the bags trendy and stylish. You can carry it around in during any day out with friends. You can carry your world in them.


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The effectiveness of jute bags as promotional items

The jute manufacturers in USA, UK, India, Australia and several other countries in the world are taking the prime role in enhancing the popularity of the universal accessories made of eco friendly fibres. The global cause of saving the planet from the harmful pollutants happens to be another significant element adding momentum to the concept.
DSC_0070-copyThe jute bags are great options as giveaway gifts by the reputed companies across the world. They have gained great utility as promotional products. They just don’t help immensely in building up the bond with the customers but also offers the clients a reason to appreciate the sense of value put forth by the business. The jute bags manufacturers in USA, India, UK and other countries are taking great initiative in offering the most innovative range of promotional jute bags in order to help the different companies take their brand value to greater horizons.

The bags are made of eco friendly fibres, jute being the major one. The fibre is strong, durable, sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Alongside, the affordability of the fibre is another lucrative option that attracts the companies to select the items made of the fibres as effective promotional means.

The jute bags are specially designed by the jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK, India, and other countries in a way that they can be personalised well according to the requirements of the client. Thus, the companies can enjoy the pleasure of putting their logo on the bags and even screen print them with all the necessary details about the products and services offered.  Apart from that they can even put relevant images and catchy taglines to increase the attraction quotient of the item. The more attractive will be the presentation more effective will be the promotional outcome.

As the bags are quite easy on the budget so now even the small scale enterprises have come forward to include the promotional bags in their advertisement campaigns. It can be well said that the bags indeed act as better options than the pricey advertisement campaigns. They indeed stand out to be a successful option in reaching out the maximum number of potential customers.

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Jute Bags – the Alternative that You should Opt For

Jute bags are now in. They are not just fashionable but they are eco friendly too. Jute bags are next alternative that you should choose instead of plastic.

The knowledge that plastic is harmful to our environment is quite well known today. The environmentalists around the world are encouraging the use of jute bags. Plastic causes an immense harm to our nature. In the time of manufacturing plastic bags, it consumes a lot of energy. On the other hand, jute manufacturing does not cause that much loss of energy. Plastic is non bio degradable that will stay in the environment for ages. Jute is bio degradable. It is also reusable. You always throw out the plastic after every single use. You can use jute made bags and furnishings for hundred times. They are recyclable too.
Jute is a silk like material that becomes sturdy and durable material after chemicals are used on it. Jute is also becoming the vast canvas of experimenting of the designers. They are experimenting with different colours and patterns on jute. The new and happy prints are making jute bags all the more attractive and fun. Now they are becoming more attractive for the young girls as well. They are super fun to carry as they are spacious and colourful.

Screen printing is also making these bags a statement. The cartoons, funny tag lines, slogans are perfect to flaunt for any teenager. Because of these designs and motifs the bags are becoming trendy and perfect item to gift some loved one. Jute bags manufacturers in the USA are coming up with new designs of such bags every day. Undoubtedly they are becoming popular to everyone.

Jute bags can be personalised give away items too. When delegates are visiting a seminar or conference if they get a personalised gift, a jute bag can be a perfect choice. Even when a customer is leaving your store with the goods carrying in a jute bag that flaunts your logo then it can be a perfect endorsement item too. You are not only gifting them a piece of nature but also they are becoming aware of your own sense of social responsibility too.

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Jute Tote Bags – a Trendy Add On

Jute is eco friendly fabric. Now with the go greener movement, jute is becoming a favoured item of the environment. The use of jute in making accessories is becoming popular. Jute tote bag is a trendy accessory to carry around.

The whole world is becoming more and more conscious about the harm that the plastic causes to our environment. Plastic is non bio degradable material. As a result, it cannot be destroyed. It obstructs drainage, affects soil. It is also not reusable. It is sheer waste of natural resources. In the production of jute bags, a huge amount of gas gets destroyed. But the result is not worth it. However, jute bags are reusable for hundred times and they are durable.

Jute is a natural silk fiber. After using chemicals on it, it becomes sturdy, durable and usable. When steeped in bright colours and happy prints, these tote bags become a style staple. Tote bags are spacious and light. They are easy to carry around and comfy to carry lots of things in it. Since it looks trendy, it is a favourite accessory of the young women as well. Mix and match with your dress colour or create an aesthetic style statement with a classic beige colour jute bag.

Designers are experimenting with cuts, designs and colours of these bags. Happy, breezy colours are perfect when you are strolling in a beach with the tote on your shoulder. Basic checks and neutral colours of it gives it a formal look, makes it perfect to bring in school or workplace. Often designers prefer to incorporate a wooden handle for such bag. The handle gives an ethnic earthy touch to not only the accessory but also the whole look.

Tote bags are becoming not only popular in style, but a perfect give-away item for promotion too. They are useful, so quite acceptable to the guests. When they are getting a piece of nature in its best shape with flaunting your company logo or your tag line, they will be impressed with your preference of environment friendly gift and your sense of social responsibility.

Jute bags manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and style of tote bags every passing day. Choose your favourite from their wide collection and flaunt your style.

Jute Bags – Utility and Style Together

Jute bags are excellent example of multipurpose utility as well as style. They are eco friendly and sustainable for many days, recyclable, and most importantly stylish. They are becoming more popular with every passing day.


Jute bags are becoming extremely popular amongst stylish women and men. It is also another hyped item to promote your business as well. Jute bags are eco friendly and recyclable. Hence the environment activists are supporting the use of jute bags. As a result designers are also working to make these bags trendier.

Now jute tote bags are trendy item to carry around while strolling in road or beach. These bags are spacious and they are useful. You can carry all your essentials like books, wallet, phones and other things in them. Steeped in happy colours and breezy or geometrical prints, this has become a favourite accessory for stylish women to carry with them. In fact, designers are coming up with new innovative designs every day. These bags are quite popular for evading the ramp of accessories.

These bags are also becoming an apt item for promotional purposes. When you are organising an event or a seminar, gift your delegates with personalised jute bags. Everyone likes gift, and when it comes as a personalised one, it makes everyone happy. Jute bags manufacturers in USA is coming up with various new style and designs. Choose from wide variety and flaunt your carefree style.Delegates will appreciate how much thoughts you have put while thinking about gifting them. Also your preference of eco friendly and recyclable material will show how socially responsible you bare.

While checking out from your store, if your customer gets jute bag to carry all the purchases instead of plastic and paper bags it will make the customer satisfied. These bags are reusable, unlike the plastic counter parts of it. In fact in the process of manufacturing of these bags, the waste of natural resources is quite less that manufacturing of plastic bags.

A jute bag can be a perfect gift item too. Be it a home coming, or a party at friend’s place or any semi formal event, gift your host with a jute wine bag, they will love it.

Jute bags on a mission to conserve the planet

The jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK, India and the various other countries are just taking a pivotal role in making the concept of eco-friendly bags popular across the world.

Jute is a natural fibre which is absolutely bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable. Several products are being made from the fibre such as furnishing, apparel, hand crafted items, carpets, rugs and most importantly the bags. Jute bags happen to be the most popular item made of the fibre. Jute is the reply to all the harmful inorganic elements like plastic and fight for the cause of having a better, safer and greener planet which is steadily getting stressed out by the devastating effects of the pollutants.

Jute bags at the same time are very stylish and sophisticated a choice and that is the reason they have conquered the heart of the present generation so easily. The attractive images and the catchy lines printed on the bags make them so very favourite of the young crowd. They get the chance to flaunt their attitude to the world by using these bags.  As you are opting for the eco-friendly bags then you are not just walking a step ahead to put forward your conscious outlook but at the same time they flaunt their image as a stylish individual to the world.

The jute accessories thus form a significant part of the present lifestyle. They are trendy, fashionable and at the same time they are affordable as well.  The reputed jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK and other countries across the world make it a point to use the best quality hessian to make the carriers.  This makes the products highly durable and strong.  They are at the same time bio degradable to a great extent.  They are cost efficient and that is the reason they are so much in use and demand.  The soft, shiny fibre is thus taking the world by storm  and  making people aware about the  norms of conserving the natural resources and saving the planet.

The Jute Bags Are the Best Alternatives to Polyester and Synthetic Bags

jutelam bags

Jute bags are 100% natural and are completely bio-degradable. The jute fabric is made out of plant fibers which are grown widely in Bangladesh, India and Thailand. These countries have wide stretches of very fertile alluvial soil and affordable labor force which allows them to grow abundantly. They are greatly used in both the fabric and textile industry because of their versatile nature.

The jute has a very natural and rough appearance but with the latest techniques and machinery these rough and coarse fabrics have been turned into smooth and shiny fibers. Jute is very durable and can be reused for innumerable times before discarding them. These fibers are resistant to chemicals and sun light thus, they last for a very long time. When they are thrown away they act as natural manure to plants.

There are various kinds of jute bags manufacturers in USA, who produce a wide range of bags which suit both functionality and style. They have various kinds of shapes and sizes to suit all occasions and needs. The bags are trendy and can be a great alternative for the synthetic and polyester bags that we use daily. They do not harm the environment and are very gentle to the skin as well. These bags are widely available at the various online shopping portals which have great varieties to choose from. You can even get customized bags for your company. There are various kinds of bags:

jute bags online jutelam bags

  • Jute Tote Bags
  • Jute Evening Bags
  • Jute Shopping Bags
  • Jute Pouches
  • Jute Promotional Bags

Jute bags are great for shopping as they do not tear easily. They will easily carry all the fruits and vegetables in them without spoiling them and can even handle and spoilage easily. The multipurpose jute bags are great renewable alternative for us and the environment.

The multipurpose jute bags are welcomed in the fashion industry

One thing I can assure you is that the jute bags will never go out of fashion. The bags that are made out of the other materials which are synthetic will never be able to compete with these bags as they are becoming the latest fashion trend.

Though jute is rough and not as soft as the synthetic one but they have manifold benefits for the human race. These bags are 100% natural as they are extracted from the plants widely grown in the Gangetic belt. They are eco-friendly because they are bio-degradable and do not give up any toxic element that might contaminate the world. These fabrics are coloured and shaped into a various bags.

Jutelam wholesale bags
The latest techniques and printing methods have popularized these bags. The jute bags manufacturers in USA and other countries have various colours, shapes and sizes to cater to the needs of the wide range of the customers. These are the types of bags produced:
1. Jute Pouches
2. Jute Shopping Bags
3. Jute Promotional Bags
4. Jute Tote Bags
5. Jute Evening Bags

Jutelam Bags
These bags which are created out the “golden fibre” of jute are very handy and are widely available. These bags are available in various sizes that will be able to hold everything you buy. These fashionable bags hardly cost much. They are affordable and green thus they are the best possible alternatives of the paper and plastic bags. You can find them available in various kinds of designs and patterns. Some even have beautiful add-ons and embellishments.

These bags are also great as gifts. You can gift your girlfriends with such bags and I am sure they will love it. Use these bags made especially to carry wines as they look very pretty. Eco-friendly and reusable these bags are truly the future of the bags in the fashion industry.