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Printed non woven bags having multiple uses

The versatility of non woven bags :-

Non woven bags from India have made a major mark in the global market. These bags, made of synthetic material, is also eco-friendly and stronger than many other materials being used in place of poly bags or other non eco-friendly bags all over the world. The versatility in terms of use of the non woven bags make these one of the most favorite all over the world for various purpose, be it shopping or carrying a few things around. These light weight bags can be easily folded into a small size and carried around any time anywhere.


Various types and uses of non woven bags :-
These non woven bags are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Many printed non woven bags are also available which are generally provided at various stores and are also being sold at the roadside stalls currently. These printed non woven bags have actually given rise to a brand new marketing strategy which many major companies are successfully implementing.

The printed bags are generally given out to customers at various outlets which bear the logo of the company along with its tag line. This works as a mobile branded board creating awareness about the company’s brand wherever the person takes the bag along with.

Printed non woven bags as mobile Ad campaign :-
If you have been planning on using such a marketing strategy for your own cause or firm, you can easily save a major amount by screen printing non woven bags from India. India has a huge market of non woven bags manufacturer who also have the machines to do the screen printing work.

The exceptionally low price as compared to the global market has led to many major international companies going for the option of screen printing non woven bags from India with their company logo and other messages they wish to print. New York is also starting to become a major market for non woven bags manufacturing.

Digital printing non woven bags in New York is a major new industry. There are many American companies which are opting to go with the option of digital printing non woven bags in New York and save of the logistics cost.

Various types of digital printing bags for women

They are one of the better accessories that will take customers by surprise. This is done to keep in touch with the new trends and the fashions that adds to a style factor for any person. They add glamour to your looks and personality.

Such accessories are one of the major parts of the dressing up of customers. The digital non-woven printing bags are of great help and packs a punch when carried outside. They serve various purposes, including shopping, carrying heavy stuff as they are tear resistant. It is also common for customers to buy formal bags that are printed with digital prints. This helps in saving money and providing a customized look and feel of the product. The prints are altered to keep customers up with the fashion.DSC_9085-162x248

Jutelam is a professional website that sells printed tote bags that are not only strong and tear resistant, they are beautifully designed to give them a colorful and dashing look. The digitally printed tote bags are quite elegant and dons a beautiful look. Jutelam specializes in making digitally printed bags that are always manufactured and meets the demands of their customers. You can provide orders through retail outlets and through online stores too. They are designed in such a way that looks trendy and are quite stylish that will match the requirements of the buyers.

There are delivery options as delivery for each items depends upon various products. There are many websites and products that will print material for projects or be your hobby. Digital printing of any bags could be customized according to the needs and requirements of the buyers. You can choose the bags and select the design you want on your tote bags. Beautifully designed tote bags would look awesome and might get expensive depending on the quality of the fabric and the print on the bag. Digital printing non woven bags in New York are in great demand in the industry.

What make digital printing non woven bags popular in New York?

Pollution is posing immense threat to the environment. This had eventually led to the use of eco-friendly bags in an effort to save Mother Earth from further destruction. Plastic is one of the main factors, which is responsible for the pollution of environment.  Eco-friendly or green bags are taking over plastic bags. Non woven bags are one of the best forms of green bags. How are non woven bags made? These bags are made from long plastic fibers which are drawn from liquefied plastic. Then they are bonded together using heat, chemical or mechanical treatment.

Though they are not knitted or woven, these bags are absorptive in nature. These eco-friendly bags are flame-retardant, bacterial-retardant, liquid-repellent, stretchable, strong and resilient and washable. You can find a wide variety of such styles. They are available in a number of styles. Some bags come with short handles while some come with zippers or even with Velcro locking system. Like other countries, digital printing non woven bags in New York are very popular.

Jutelam printed bagThese bags are very much affordable. In recent days, it has become extremely trendy to carry green bags because an increasing number of people are always ready to play their part in protecting Mother Nature.

These bags are also very popular in the corporate world. These bags are a hot favorite as promotional tools and are largely given away in conventions, tradeshows, caravans, workshops and similar other places. These bags can be carried everywhere. You can carry these bags if you are going to picnic, work, college, market and so on.

Non-woven bags help corporate houses to show that it is sensitive to the issues of environmental protection. These bags are available in market in bulk. Hence it is very easy for the corporate to order these bags for promotional purposes.

Why digital printing non woven bags are a part of daily life?

Non-woven bags are made of spun bond non woven polypropylene (PP) cloth which is 100% recyclable. These bags are really very useful for daily use. These bags are quite durable and can be used for long. These bags decompose very well. If it is burnt also, no toxic contaminant will be produced.

This bag is ideal for several purposes such as packaging of gift items during seminars and conferences. Digital printing done on non woven bags makes the bags look more attractive. Non woven gift bag comes in different designs as well as sizes and colours. These bags are perfect for shopping too as these can carry a lot of items. All the varieties of such bags have competitive price. These bags maintain their quality and are very much in demand in several happening cities of the world including New York. These bags are available in several sizes and simple yet attractive designs. This bag usually comes in a set of cartons.

digital printing non-woven bags

Laser and non-laser technology are used to laminate such bags. These bags are crafted and packed according to customer’s request. China is main manufacturer of non woven bags. From China, this highly demanded nags are supplied to different countries of the world. Residents of different cities of the United States including New York have made digital printed non woven bags a part of their daily life.

Even children these bags as several companies design the bags keeping children’s choice in mind. In such cases, different cartoon pictures with funky colours are digitally imprinted on the non woven bags.