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Jute bags and jute products for customers

Jute industry in India is known to be passing through a hard phase. Businesses are looking for a  long term and permenant solution. Jute sectors have a special place in our economy as it is direct employment to many workers. They also support 4 million families. According to statistics, jute exports yield us a total of 1000 crore every year. The government is well aware of the situation and are taking long strides to improve the jute sector in India. The jute industry has experienced many ups and downs recently, but has been doing good recently. With the rise in jute exports all across the world, the numbers are growing.


Jute bags are never out of fashion. Jute is of a very high quality and are used to create a natural appeal. New techniques have been appointed to produce the best. There is no compromise with quality. Jute is rough in nature and have a unique appeal to itself. With newer techniques,  jute fabric is involved thorough hessian and burlap. They never have an effect on their print colors and changing weather. The fabric remains the same. They are used for making bags, good for fashion too, and textile furnishing.

Jute bag manufacturers in the USA remain dependent on jute fabric. The demand is quite high, as they are imported from various jute production countries like India. you can make a lot of items with the jute, but various types of jute bags include:-

  • Shopping bags
  • Tote bags
  • Pouches
  • Promotional bags
  • Evening bags

Jute is delivered in high quantity and sent through various channels to jute bag suppliers and distributors. They use jute in large quantity to produce jute bags and sell them to customers. This same process is applied for each of every jute bag that are produced. Some of the well known jute bag manufacturers in India are :-

  • Aaltex Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Aarbur Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Sunil Enterprises
  • Jutee Paribar

There are some international jute bag manufacturers including the following:-
Pouch mart, USA
Ulline, USA
Go Jute, UK
Avani creations, Canada


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How I used digital printed non woven bags in New York for a seminar?

I first came across digitally woven non-printed bags in New York while trying to organise a seminar in my University Department. I am a research scholar in the Department of Oriental Studies. The Department was organising an international seminar where dignitaries from across the country and abroad were invited. To make matters worse, we had a rather moderate budget we needed something in the form of a gift that would reflect the focus area of the seminar and a design to suit the theme, and at the same time would not be too expensive. After hunting extensively through New York, we finally struck on the idea of non-woven organic bags and get them digitally printed to suit the occasion.

We were sure that everybody would like it. And it really turned out to be a hit among the delegates and the participants. I now recommend all my friends to shift to digitally woven non-printed bags during any occasion to customise their products according to their wish and remain environment friendly at the same time. See, you cannot but help but notice the ever rising popularity of digitally woven non printed bags in New York. If you try to seat back and think what may actually be the reason behind such rising popularity, the first thing that will come to your mind is that it is environment friendly. However, that might just be the beginning but not the end. Secondly, it is very convenient, strong and can endure heavy loads. But again, that is just not enough. However, if you mix all these benefits with a look that is modern, stylish and cool, you might just have the answer. But there is more to it than these.

The biggest advantage of the digitally printed non-woven bag is its flexibility. You can customise it to suit your choice. These bags can be adorned with whatever caption, picture and slogan you choose. And that was precisely what we did, and the results were great.