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Eco friendly bags are on a styling up spree

The eco friendly bags have found a new market and high demand. The manufacturers are doing their best to capitalise on this and providing exclusive designs and printed bags. You may also start your own bag manufacturing business with ease.

The jute bags :-
The various eco friendly bags available in the market have created huge interest among the regular consumers. These eco friendly bags are not only highly flexible to use, they are light weight and sturdy and even come in a variety of choice in terms of style and colour. The high popularity and demand for these bags have led to a number of bag manufacturers bringing out variety of jute bags as well as non woven bags for the end consumers.

The major shopping areas are full of the bag stores selling these bags. Custom designed jute bags in New York is a growing business. People wish to have different types of jute bags in various colours and styles which will go well with a number of varieties of dresses. The major segment of the custom designed jute bags in New York belongs to the ladies side bags. However, there are backpacks, knapsacks and other variety of bags made for men are also available in the market.

Non woven bags for all purpose :-
The non woven bags are great accessory for shopping. These are sturdy as well as waterproof and can be easily folded and carried along. The non woven bags come in different colours as well. To give these a special touch digital printing non woven bags from India is done by many resellers from other countries as well. Digital printing allows the person to print any picture or message on the bag, making it look attractive and giving a special touch. The non woven bags have even become an easy way to carry the essentials at all times. Since digital printing non woven bags from India cost much lesser as compared to other countries, many bags sellers provide the Indian bags manufacturers with bulk orders for these bags.

Get your own manufacturing unit :-
If you have been planning on starting your own bag manufacturing unit, now it will be a good time. The market is quite favourable and you can make some really high profit by investing in a printing unit besides the manufacturing unit. The essential equipments are available at major industrial stores on special price, and even bank loan is available for the purpose.

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas to Surprise your Loved Ones

Gifting is the best gesture that can show that you love and care. Eco friendly materials can be amazing gifts that will show that you are socially responsible. Take a look of the blog to know more about eco friendly gift ideas.


When your friend or colleague has invited you to attend a dinner party at his place or your friend is going to celebrate the home warming ceremony often you end up being confused about the gift. Probably you are going to spend hours to decide what you should gift your loved one. Yes, there are many gorgeous gifts that are available to surprise your loved ones. But have you ever thought about the eco friendly gifts? Well, if not, then it is time to think about them.

It is not anymore a secret that plastic is extremely harmful for our environment. That is why consumers all over the world are thinking about the eco friendly products. Not only that; they prefer the brands that are creating their image of socially responsible by supporting the eco friendly materials. You will also make an impression that you are a socially responsible person.

Take a look at the suggestions below about eco friendly gifts.

Fabric Gift Wrapper :-
Gifting people with fabric gift wrapper is a tradition in Japan. Now it is becoming a trend in the whole world. The gift itself impresses the loved one for sure. But the fabric gift wrapper is also recyclable and reusable for hundred times. It is itself a sensible gift since it is eco friendly material. In fact you can ditch the glossy paper gift wrappers for the fabric too. Your old unused trey cloths or pillow covers can be used as fabric gift wrapper too.

Greenery is the best friend of human. When you place a plant in your home it will automatically light up your home. Give a potted plant to your friend or loved one as their home warming gift. You will surely impress them with your choice of gift.

Jute Tote Bags :-
Tote bags are extremely useful and trendy. They are spacious and easy to carry around. The jute bags manufacturers in India are keeping up with the increasing demand of jute tote bags. It is now popularly known as a preferred gift item too. Custom designed jute bags are the right choice if you want to make your loved one feel special. Print a specific design on the bag or a tag line that has significance for you and your friend. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When you are gifting someone, your gesture of love will impress them for sure. At the same time your preference of eco friendly gift item will also convince them about your sense of social responsibility.

Get custom designed jute bag anywhere in the world

The Indian artwork going global :-
Indian artwork has been a matter of appreciation all over the world. The embroidery and other creative works on various fabrics are exceptionally beautiful. The jute work and designs associated with it has been among some of the most admired works from India. If you have visited India in past few years you must have come across some finely crafted bags which the men and women of the cities have been using for various purposes. Most of these are designer jute bags, which have made its way into the lives of thousands of Indians.


Revolution of jute bags :-
The jute bags are not only beautiful, but also a greener alternative to poly bags as well as paper bags. Jute bags a number of benefits over many other bags available in the market. These are strong, sturdy and highly versatile. These also come in the waterproof variety which gives an extra edge over others. Designer jute bags are available all across India. The designer jute bags come in different colours and also sport fabric artworks, embroidered artworks, printed artworks and many more.

Get your jute bag custom designed :-
Custom designed jute bags have found its popularity after the introduction of affordable jute bag printing machines which let many jute bag manufacturers to easily set up a bag printing section within their factory and add to the services being provided to the customers. Today custom designed jute bags are being manufactured all over the world. One can even get custom designed jute bags in New York and other major cities all over the world. These jute bags manufacturers in USA and other countries offer their clients to prepare get jute bags printed with their own designs, or add names along with the available designs to make it a personalised gift.

The various corporate houses have seized the opportunity as well and are using the jute bags as a marketing tool. Green movement has gained huge importance in cities of developed countries. The jute bags manufacturers in USA have witnessed huge growth in demand for custom designed jute bags in New York with company logo, message and designs which are to be used by the various companies to boost up their image as a supporter of greener earth and also market their brand in the process.

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Jute is the versatile choice for the contemporary world

The manufacturers of custom designed jute bags in New York, Sydney, Kolkata, London and all cities around the world are employing great effort in making the jute bags the first preference of the contemporary world.

The conscious generation of the contemporary era is always looking for innovative ways to conserve the natural resources and save the planet from the devastating effects of the harmful inorganic elements.   The consumer centric world of today is doing it with the use of eco-friendly merchandise. Thus, the manufacturers of custom designed jute bags in New York, London, Sydney, Kolkata and just anywhere are putting great effort to bring forth effective solutions. One of the most efficient modes gaining significance with each passing day is the use of personalised bags made of jute, cotton and other natural fabrics.

Jute bags are becoming the favourite of the planet at a fast pace.  Jute is a 100% natural, sustainable and bio degradable fibre. It is compostable to a great degree and that is why it is recyclable as well.  Another great attribute of jute fibre is that they are very affordable and at the same time the fibre carries great strength and durability. , They are also more breathable from their synthetic counterparts like plastic and others.

Therefore, when an organisation switches to use jute bags for promoting their product and service, they fulfil their social liability to a great extent. The fibre is mainly sourced from the developing countries and hence they play an effective part in bringing smile on the faces of the poor farmer who produces jute in those countries. The jute production releases huge volume of oxygen and at the same time intakes a great deal of carbon-di-oxide as well. They are approximately 11 tonnes and 15 tonnes respectively.

The use of jute promotional bags thus cut of the production of plastic bags and also the polypropylene bags. Thus, they ensure a safer future to the next generations. Jute being pliable in nature can be mixed with other fibres well and are also greatly compatible to the various forms of dyes and chemicals. Thus lesser cost is incurred in the wet processing treatments.  The manufacturers of custom designed jute bags in New York, Kolkata, London and just any city and country are exploiting on these attributes of the fibre to create better products out of it.  Therefore, jute is the element to rule the world for years to come and make it a better place to live.

Custom designed jute bags are great attributes towards brand promotion

The suppliers of custom designed jute bags in New York to Kolkata are all involved in a common mission of maintaining the ecological balance of the planet and at the same time they add momentum to the marketing goals set by a company towards popularising their brand.

Trade shows and exhibition business is once again gaining momentum after few years of sluggishness economy and budget cut offs prevailing in the domain of marketing. Once the organisations are ready again to host trade shows and other marketing initiatives then the first and foremost requirement will be the various promotional items. It is really important to have the different items handy as they are the primary means to reach out more and more customers. It is important that the promotional products should be fresh enough to attract more and more potential customers. Therefore, the show manager must upgrade and update the selection of exciting items in order to make the show a grand success. The items that are very much in trend at present happens to be custom designed bags made of eco friendly fibres such as jute, cotton and so on.

Jutelam Jute Corporate Bags

The world steadily gaining consciousness about the safety of the environment friendliness, these items will indeed pass on the message of saving the planet from the harmful effects of plastic and other devastating inorganic elements.  Thus, the company offering such promotional item will have a clean and conscious image established in public. This will help the business to gain the trust of the customers and in the long run the brand will gain an edge over its competitors.  The manufacturers of custom designed jute bags in New York to Kolkata   are thus always putting in effort to  bring i8nnovations in the promotional bags so that  both the marketing  and the humanitarian goal   get fulfilled in the best possible way.

The organisations are distributing custom made cotton and jute bags in the exhibitions with their logos and other details screen printed on the bag and alongside they are putting in little goodies and literature within them before handing them out to the public. This concept is a sure hit as anyone getting the bag is more than delighted as these bags being such great options  in the day-to-day life.  They carry the bags everywhere and thus the whereabouts of the brand spread steadily among more and more audience. So the promotional goal is achieved instantly and at the same time ecological goal gets fulfilled in a nice way.

The trendy factor of custom designed jute bags in New York

Jutelam custom designed jute bagsIf the environment of the pollution continues at the present rate, the day is not far away when people will really repent for not taking care of the earth. The developed countries are doing their part to save Mother Earth. The United States of America has taken a huge step in promoting the “Go Green” mantra all over the world.

Lending an ear to the scientists and environmentalists, the Americans have started using several products of jute, the major of which are eco-friendly bags such non-woven bags and jute bags.
Among all the bio-degradable bags, jute is the most preferred one. Thanks to the umpteen benefits jute bags offer. Jute is 100 per cent natural, bio degradable, sustainable, recyclable and reusable fibre. There are several types of jute bags. You can find tote bags, shoulder bags, lunch bags, grocery bags, beach nags, wine bags, laptop bags, purses and even pencil and folder carrying bags. Jute bags are available in a variety of designs. Bags manufacturers design jute bags in attractive colours. Bags are also available in customized way. If you are staying in the city of New York, you can find several custom designed jute bags in New York. The New Yorkians are pretty much in love with these bags since these bags are not only durable and strong but also extremely trendy. Hence, to meet up the tremendous demand of such bags in the city, several people have started doing business of environmental friendly bags. Similar to New York, there are non-woven bags manufacturers in Los Angeles. Non-woven bags are very useful as promotional tool for corporate and organizations. Promotional non woven bags are usually the most widely used out of all the tote bags that are delivered away by businesses. Thus, it needs no mention that these bags are also very popular especially among the business class people.

Why Use Custom Designed Bags To Boost You Brand Image?

Jutelam - Custom designed jute bagsPromoting any event or product is of supreme importance in the 21st century. People are looking for innovative and more effective ways of promotion to reach out to more people. Using promotional bags are a safe and a great way of advertisement. These bags are generally made out of vegetable fibres. These fibres are 100% natural and biodegradable which makes them eco-friendly. The fabrics used in manufacturing these bags are cotton and jute. There are a few other fabrics used but the natural fibres are hugely demanded. They are actually a very smart choice for promoting your business and don’t cost a fortune to buy them. Custom designed jute bags in New York are highly demanded by the fashion stores. These bags are used as give away products and carry bags at these stores. Not only in New York but these bags are highly demanded by people all over the world because of the multitudes of benefits they bestow upon mankind.

These custom-made bags are great for promotional campaigning as well as saving the environment. The bags made from the high quality jute fibres are very dependable and durable. They can carry a considerable amount of weight without spoiling the contents. They do not even stain or spoil the vegetables carried in them when you go for grocery shopping. These bags are manufactured in various styles and sizes. These promotional bags are mostly given out by the various brands to attract the customers. Think about it? Won’t you feel great if you just get a great looking bag for free? Yes! We all love getting gifts. The brands and businesses make sure to get your contact details printed on these bags. These will reach maximum eyes and that will surely give your brand a great exposure.

The most useful benefit about these bags is that they are biodegradable. They do not possess any sort of harm to our environment. You can use them for several times before you decide to throw them away. These bags are often considered to be better than paper bags as they do not involve much energy incentive processes to be manufactures. Thus, these custom-designed jute bags in New York and the rest of USA are a trending fashion.

Why there is a boom of custom designed jute bags in New York?

Jutelam Jute BagsIf you have ever wondered how to take care of Mother Earth, jute is the perfect answer for you. Switch to jute bags and you are one step ahead in making the environment greener. This simple step will surely make a huge difference.

Jute bags have become the favourite among people. Eminent from the name, jute bags are made up of jute fibre, which is one hundred per cent natural, bio-degradable, recyclable and sustainable. It is also the cheapest fibre available in the market but is quite strong making the bags very much durable.

Countries where jute grows really well, export several jute products to other countries. These jute products include various kinds of jute bags, hammocks, slippers, home decoration items, rugs, jute chairs and many more. Jute products are very much in demand in developed countries as well. In fact, the personalised merchandise market is witnessing a boom of custom designed jute bags in New York and several other cities.

The fibre of jute can also be mixed with cotton or wool, which results in fabrics created using a lesser amount on cost for wet processing treatments.

In the long run, personalised jute bags are the solution to go for as the natural fibres of the bag does cause any form of harm to the environment. The custom designed jute bags in New York include bottle bags, coffee cup bags, gift bags and even drawstring bags. There are no boundaries involved when it comes to these bags, and custom made orders are topping the list now.

Jute bags are also topping the list because of their unique appeal and fashion statement. Thus by using jute bags, you can be a fashionista and at the same time proudly claim yourself to be environment conscious.