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Do You Know the Best Alternative for Plastic Bags? Answer is Jute Bags

Say no to plastic bags and go green with 100% eco friendly, biodegradable Jute Bags.
Plastic is one of the key elements that is the root of the environment pollution. Before it is too late, it is better to take some effective preventive measures to reduce plastic pollution. To bring a decline in the usage of plastic, shift to alternatives like jute bags, paper & cloth bags etc.

There are bio-degradable, environment friendly jute bags, cotton bags, canvas bags existing that reduce the trouble of plastic pollution. These bags are reusable, recyclable and easy to make and easily available.


How jute bags are prepared?
Jute fiber comes from the stem and ribbon which is outer skin of the jute plant. The fibers are first extracted by retting process where jute stems are bundled together and immersed in slow running water. After this method, stripping procedure begins where non-fibrous stuff is scraped off. Then the jute fiber is extracted and left for drying under the sun. The obtained raw jute is put to make various commodities.

There are Immense Advantages of Jute Bags, Such As :
1. Jute products are eco-friendly and Jute is 100% bio-degradable. Consequently by including jute bags and products in our life style we can contribute to make our environment greener and cleaner.
2. Jute, as a fiber is very low-priced and cost-effective.
3. Jute products are recyclable and reusable.
4. Approximately 5 million people in the poorest regions get support by the Jute industry.
5. Jute decomposes putting valuable nutrients back into the soil when discarded.
6. Jute plant doesn’t require damaging pesticides and fertilizers to grow because it is a natural rain fed plant.
7. Jute bags are durable, stronger and more eco-friendly than other contemporary bags. Currently jute bags, canvas bags are available in more fancy, stylish and stylish designs.
8. Approximately one hectare jute plants discharge about 11 tons of oxygen and consume over 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

The requirement and demand of jute bags, canvas bags, and jute products from India is moderately eminent in abroad. Now day’s people from across the world are capable enough to realize the environmental conservation system. Jutelam is one stop way out in customized Jute bags Suppliers in USA. We are also a renowned name in casual fabric canvas bags suppliers from India among other traders.

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