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The Screen Printed Bags form a Rare Class in Themselves

There are the major Indian manufacturers to help in creating screen printing non woven bags from India and all of them bear superior quality. The clients have widely appreciated the class of products and more and more people are going for the style. You can call these the printed or the customized bag varieties and these are perfect products to meet the necessity of the valued customers. Thus, you have to select based on the requirements and preferences you have.


The Exemplary Non Woven Bags in Demand :-

The screen printed bags are manufactured with logos and they even come with company monograms. The purposive designs make the bag appear so special. The carry bags are all well designed and they are in perfect demand by the clients. Orders are placed from all corners of the country and this is the reason the stuffs are produced at random. You would appreciate the bags for the presentation and the creative designing. The bags are made to look so attractive with the texts and the intended designs.

The Fabricating Details :-

At times the clients provide with the logos or the texts specifically to be used on the bags. This makes the stuff company specific. The bags are better fabricated with the premium quality raw components. This is the reason the prints are sure to last for long even if you are using the bag on regular basis. The bags are available in all variable sizes and things are executed in the way that one is sure to love the shape, size and design of the stuffs in offer. In fact, you can have a look at the assortments and then make a selection based on the sort of requirement you have.

You even have the other popular stuffs like the Laminated Non Woven Bags, The D Cut Non Woven Bags, the W Cut Non Woven Bags, the Loop Non Woven Bags, the Offset Printing Non Woven Bags, and you even have the Photo Printing and the Flex Printing varieties.

Jute bags and jute products for customers

Jute industry in India is known to be passing through a hard phase. Businesses are looking for a  long term and permenant solution. Jute sectors have a special place in our economy as it is direct employment to many workers. They also support 4 million families. According to statistics, jute exports yield us a total of 1000 crore every year. The government is well aware of the situation and are taking long strides to improve the jute sector in India. The jute industry has experienced many ups and downs recently, but has been doing good recently. With the rise in jute exports all across the world, the numbers are growing.


Jute bags are never out of fashion. Jute is of a very high quality and are used to create a natural appeal. New techniques have been appointed to produce the best. There is no compromise with quality. Jute is rough in nature and have a unique appeal to itself. With newer techniques,  jute fabric is involved thorough hessian and burlap. They never have an effect on their print colors and changing weather. The fabric remains the same. They are used for making bags, good for fashion too, and textile furnishing.

Jute bag manufacturers in the USA remain dependent on jute fabric. The demand is quite high, as they are imported from various jute production countries like India. you can make a lot of items with the jute, but various types of jute bags include:-

  • Shopping bags
  • Tote bags
  • Pouches
  • Promotional bags
  • Evening bags

Jute is delivered in high quantity and sent through various channels to jute bag suppliers and distributors. They use jute in large quantity to produce jute bags and sell them to customers. This same process is applied for each of every jute bag that are produced. Some of the well known jute bag manufacturers in India are :-

  • Aaltex Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Aarbur Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Sunil Enterprises
  • Jutee Paribar

There are some international jute bag manufacturers including the following:-
Pouch mart, USA
Ulline, USA
Go Jute, UK
Avani creations, Canada


+91 9331022682


Jute Tote Bags – a Multipurpose Accessory

Jute bags are now quite popular amongst people these days. They are eco friendly. On the other hand they are eco friendly and durable.

Jute is a symbol of ethnicity and tradition. It is a natural fibre. It is like silk. However, it becomes sturdy when chemical is applied on it. It is durable as well. Jute is much preferred by the environmentalists of the entire world around. How plastic is affecting our environment and the earth is quite well known now. Plastic is non bio degradable. As a result it does not get destroyed. It stays in environment and affects our soil and drainage system.


On the other hand jute can be extremely eco friendly. It is bio degradable. When it cannot be used anymore, it can be easily destroyed. It is reusable for hundred times. It can carry the load of heavy items too. Jute bags and furnishings are recyclable.

The demand of jute tote bags are increasing with every passing day. It is becoming popular amongst girls as they are design friendly. The jute industry in India has experienced quite a downfall once. Plastic had been ruler amongst consumers for a longer period. But with the growing awareness of how harmful plastic is,  the demand of jute is reaching its crescendo again. In fact it is becoming quite popular not only in India but overseas as well. The consumers around the world, especially in the USA prefer to use jute. The jute bags manufacturers in the USA are making it more popular with new designs and trends.

Jute tote bags are stylish and trendy. They are spacious. You can carry them around when you are headed to college or even strolling around in the beach. Tote bags are available now in every style. You can sport your casual style through an easy breezy print or pattern. You can also make your tote bag a statement piece by sporting a cartoon or a tag line you believe in.

These tote bags are amazing gift items as well. May be you are a confused father who cannot decide what gift he would like to gift his teenage daughter. Or you must be a college goer boyfriend who cannot afford the branded accessories for their girlfriend. You can gift them with a jute tote bag. It will be trendy. It will be inexpensive too.

The jute bag manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and styles in tote bags. Choose your style and flaunt with confidence.

Jute Tote Bags – a Trendy Add On

Jute is eco friendly fabric. Now with the go greener movement, jute is becoming a favoured item of the environment. The use of jute in making accessories is becoming popular. Jute tote bag is a trendy accessory to carry around.

The whole world is becoming more and more conscious about the harm that the plastic causes to our environment. Plastic is non bio degradable material. As a result, it cannot be destroyed. It obstructs drainage, affects soil. It is also not reusable. It is sheer waste of natural resources. In the production of jute bags, a huge amount of gas gets destroyed. But the result is not worth it. However, jute bags are reusable for hundred times and they are durable.

Jute is a natural silk fiber. After using chemicals on it, it becomes sturdy, durable and usable. When steeped in bright colours and happy prints, these tote bags become a style staple. Tote bags are spacious and light. They are easy to carry around and comfy to carry lots of things in it. Since it looks trendy, it is a favourite accessory of the young women as well. Mix and match with your dress colour or create an aesthetic style statement with a classic beige colour jute bag.

Designers are experimenting with cuts, designs and colours of these bags. Happy, breezy colours are perfect when you are strolling in a beach with the tote on your shoulder. Basic checks and neutral colours of it gives it a formal look, makes it perfect to bring in school or workplace. Often designers prefer to incorporate a wooden handle for such bag. The handle gives an ethnic earthy touch to not only the accessory but also the whole look.

Tote bags are becoming not only popular in style, but a perfect give-away item for promotion too. They are useful, so quite acceptable to the guests. When they are getting a piece of nature in its best shape with flaunting your company logo or your tag line, they will be impressed with your preference of environment friendly gift and your sense of social responsibility.

Jute bags manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and style of tote bags every passing day. Choose your favourite from their wide collection and flaunt your style.

Jute Bags – Utility and Style Together

Jute bags are excellent example of multipurpose utility as well as style. They are eco friendly and sustainable for many days, recyclable, and most importantly stylish. They are becoming more popular with every passing day.


Jute bags are becoming extremely popular amongst stylish women and men. It is also another hyped item to promote your business as well. Jute bags are eco friendly and recyclable. Hence the environment activists are supporting the use of jute bags. As a result designers are also working to make these bags trendier.

Now jute tote bags are trendy item to carry around while strolling in road or beach. These bags are spacious and they are useful. You can carry all your essentials like books, wallet, phones and other things in them. Steeped in happy colours and breezy or geometrical prints, this has become a favourite accessory for stylish women to carry with them. In fact, designers are coming up with new innovative designs every day. These bags are quite popular for evading the ramp of accessories.

These bags are also becoming an apt item for promotional purposes. When you are organising an event or a seminar, gift your delegates with personalised jute bags. Everyone likes gift, and when it comes as a personalised one, it makes everyone happy. Jute bags manufacturers in USA is coming up with various new style and designs. Choose from wide variety and flaunt your carefree style.Delegates will appreciate how much thoughts you have put while thinking about gifting them. Also your preference of eco friendly and recyclable material will show how socially responsible you bare.

While checking out from your store, if your customer gets jute bag to carry all the purchases instead of plastic and paper bags it will make the customer satisfied. These bags are reusable, unlike the plastic counter parts of it. In fact in the process of manufacturing of these bags, the waste of natural resources is quite less that manufacturing of plastic bags.

A jute bag can be a perfect gift item too. Be it a home coming, or a party at friend’s place or any semi formal event, gift your host with a jute wine bag, they will love it.

Screen Printed Jute Bags – the Hottest Trend of Decade

Jute bags are gaining popularity amongst people all over the world. Since jute is a natural fiber, it is preferred by the environmentalists around the world. Designers are trying to make jute bags trendier so that it can replace plastic very soon.

Jute is gaining popularity rapidly. It is anticipated that it will replace plastic very soon. Jute is a natural silk like fibre. It becomes sturdy with the use of chemical. Durability is the USP of jute bags. They are strong enough to carry all the load of the world. They are gaining popularity fast as they have some more usage than the plastic. Unlike its plastic counterparts, jute bags are reusable. They can be used for hundred times. They are most importantly eco friendly.
Plastic bags cause a huge loss of natural resources during the time of production. On the other hand, jute causes a little loss of natural resources. Plastic is non bio degradable. As a result it remains in environment for a long while and causes enormous damage to soil and our mother earth. It obstructs drainage. Jute is bio degradable. It is recyclable too.
Jute is also becoming a favoured canvas for the designers to experiment with colours, patterns and motifs. They are working hard and making the jute bags and furnishing more and more attractive and trendy. As new designs are incorporated in the material, it is becoming the fashion statement of young and adult alike.
Screen printed jute bags are becoming the ‘it’ thing in fashion world. Screen print is quite popular these days. Whether it is clothes or bags, screen print is taking the centre stage.

Screen print is favoured because of the following reasons,
•    It adds an aesthetic touch to the bags.
•    Screen print can be used in creating appealing illustrative images and printed taglines.
•    Screen printed bags are easily accessible. They comes in a little pocket pinch and as they are quite spacious, they can be used for various reasons.
•    As the demand of such bags is increasing rapidly, the designers are coming up with the new designs everyday to woo the customers around the world.
To keep up with the demand of screen printed non woven bags in New York, many manufacturers are coming up with new stock of such bags. Take a plunge, pick up your own style and flaunt with confidence.

How I used digital printed non woven bags in New York for a seminar?

I first came across digitally woven non-printed bags in New York while trying to organise a seminar in my University Department. I am a research scholar in the Department of Oriental Studies. The Department was organising an international seminar where dignitaries from across the country and abroad were invited. To make matters worse, we had a rather moderate budget we needed something in the form of a gift that would reflect the focus area of the seminar and a design to suit the theme, and at the same time would not be too expensive. After hunting extensively through New York, we finally struck on the idea of non-woven organic bags and get them digitally printed to suit the occasion.

We were sure that everybody would like it. And it really turned out to be a hit among the delegates and the participants. I now recommend all my friends to shift to digitally woven non-printed bags during any occasion to customise their products according to their wish and remain environment friendly at the same time. See, you cannot but help but notice the ever rising popularity of digitally woven non printed bags in New York. If you try to seat back and think what may actually be the reason behind such rising popularity, the first thing that will come to your mind is that it is environment friendly. However, that might just be the beginning but not the end. Secondly, it is very convenient, strong and can endure heavy loads. But again, that is just not enough. However, if you mix all these benefits with a look that is modern, stylish and cool, you might just have the answer. But there is more to it than these.

The biggest advantage of the digitally printed non-woven bag is its flexibility. You can customise it to suit your choice. These bags can be adorned with whatever caption, picture and slogan you choose. And that was precisely what we did, and the results were great.



Customized Jute Bags – a Perfect Gift

Jute bags are now new favoured item of people of all ages. They are more preferred than the plastic these days. So, jute is now widely used to make bags and furnishings. They are eco friendly and durable.
Jute bags are gaining immense popularity day by day. They are eco friendly and reusable. They are biodegradable. You can use them for hundred times. They are recyclable too. Jute is a natural fibre. It is like silk when it is raw. But when the chemical is applied on them, they become sturdy and durable. Jute can withstand the load of heavy goods.

Plastic have been the most available material till now. You can see it everywhere. Whenever you are leaving a store with some grocery or some goods, they will provide you with a plastic handbag. However, the environmentalists all over the world are encouraging not to use plastic anymore. Plastic is affecting our nature and environment severely. At the time of plastic bag production, a huge amount of natural resources get wasted. Plastic is non biodegradable which means it stays for thousand years and blocks the drainage system as well. It affects water and soil too. Plastic is not reusable. You need to throw it away after even single use. There is no question of recycling as well.
On such points jute and the products made of jute are scoring high. They are amazing replacement of plastic. Since they are durable and reusable they are becoming popular amongst customers. Moreover, jute bags are design friendly. Now designers all over the world are extensively working on the designs of jute tote bags.
Jute bag is also becoming the fabulous customized gift items. You can make it personalised and gift it to your loved ones. When these bags come steeped in different bright hues and happy prints they become amazingly stylish. If you add a personal touch in it, it will turn into a statement. Add a quote that can remind the person of some moments. Add symbol or cartoon that is their favourite. They will love it.
The demand of customized jute bags is reaching its crescendo. It is quite popular amongst the college goers as well as the stylish ladies too. There are many customized jute bag suppliers in USA who are coming up with new designs and amazing styles. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best for yourself or your loved ones. Flaunt your style with confidence. Choose nature, choose jute.

Casual fabric canvas bags are the top picks of the new age youths

The youth of the present generation are very choosy and conscious about picking out each and every item going to enhance their fashion statement. The unique appeal of the casual fabric canvas bags is something they could not deny. It is an item that complements their carefree attitude in the best possible way. They just go effortlessly with any outfit they wear. Thus, the demand for the bags is increasing at a fast pace. They come in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colours and tend to create a nice blend of fashion and style with the youthful attitude of the youngsters. Another great benefit of the casual fabric canvas bags is that they are eco friendly and put forth the conscious effort of the individual carrying the bag.

DSC_0108-copyThe planet is depleting fast and all the credit goes to the various inorganic elements like plastic and others who are devastating our Earth at such a steady rate. Thus, the casual fabric canvas bags suppliers in los angeles, New York and the major other cities round the globe are playing a humanitarian role in spreading the consciousness among the people of the world  to conserve the natural resources and switch to a green lifestyle. This in turn will make the planet safer and better for the future generation.

The canvas material is soft and hence is relatively comfortable to use. The patterns, shapes and colours they showcase are indeed unique. The bags bear all the vibrant hues one’s mind can imagine. At the same time they serve multiple purposes. They tend to become untidy in a while if used continuously but there is one solution to this as these bags are washable and can be cleaned whenever they get dirty. They are thus good choices for daily use and are appropriate ones for the individuals who love to flaunt a smart, casual style statement.

Jute bags on a mission to conserve the planet

The jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK, India and the various other countries are just taking a pivotal role in making the concept of eco-friendly bags popular across the world.

Jute is a natural fibre which is absolutely bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable. Several products are being made from the fibre such as furnishing, apparel, hand crafted items, carpets, rugs and most importantly the bags. Jute bags happen to be the most popular item made of the fibre. Jute is the reply to all the harmful inorganic elements like plastic and fight for the cause of having a better, safer and greener planet which is steadily getting stressed out by the devastating effects of the pollutants.

Jute bags at the same time are very stylish and sophisticated a choice and that is the reason they have conquered the heart of the present generation so easily. The attractive images and the catchy lines printed on the bags make them so very favourite of the young crowd. They get the chance to flaunt their attitude to the world by using these bags.  As you are opting for the eco-friendly bags then you are not just walking a step ahead to put forward your conscious outlook but at the same time they flaunt their image as a stylish individual to the world.

The jute accessories thus form a significant part of the present lifestyle. They are trendy, fashionable and at the same time they are affordable as well.  The reputed jute bags manufacturers in USA, UK and other countries across the world make it a point to use the best quality hessian to make the carriers.  This makes the products highly durable and strong.  They are at the same time bio degradable to a great extent.  They are cost efficient and that is the reason they are so much in use and demand.  The soft, shiny fibre is thus taking the world by storm  and  making people aware about the  norms of conserving the natural resources and saving the planet.